Our organization began in 1986 with the support of Christ Church Cathedral and First Presbyterian Church. Members of these two socially-active churches recognized the growing need to provide more structured housing for working homeless men than was offered by night-by-night programs. 

The combined efforts of leaders in these two churches and other community individuals resulted in the creation of a place where homeless men could work and return to a place they could - in the interim - call home. With the help of a caring staff, a drug and alcohol-free environment, job coaching, and counseling, the men could build a foundation on which to transition to self-sufficiency. 

Our Mission

We are determined to alleviate homelessness by providing the resources for men to build a foundation on which they can transition to self-sufficiency. We recognize that these men have a need for structure, accountability, and ultimately hope for a brighter future. Our goal is to provide men the chance to escape the vicious cycle that is homelessness and addiction, helping them to become fulfilled and productive members of society.

At Hope Reformation, I learned to set goals and use them as my guide…I learned to start my day with God and stay with Him all day. Alcohol is behind me. It is not a craving, not a thought. I am focused on my art and moving forward to be more stable financially.
— Michael Kenney: artist, veteran, Hope Reformation graduate

What We've Achieved


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